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What clients have to say 

"Farrah was able to tune completely into the essence of where I was in that moment. She understood the heart of where I was, where I was heading, and how I could get there. I frequently pull up my Oracle Song and use it to support and guide me in the direction I know I'm destined to walk."

- Jordan

Like a lover who never sang to me, and even better for there was no projection nor ideal "me". Farrah's song spoke to a part of me that I know very well and seldom forget to contact, so true it's uncomfortable at first. Every time I listen to it I remember and that is powerful. Thank you

Tanya Gervasi , INHERGENIUS

I am constantly tapping into the power of my oracle song, received a year ago, to remind me of the innate power that lives within. Farrah tapped into a message so deeply in alignment with the evolution of my life. I love having the resource of my divinely gifted oracle song for times of remembering the path set forth on this journey of ascension. Farrah is a true oracle, and a gifted muse of musicality and song

- Melanie Joy , Breathwork, Holographic Sound & Women's Rites of Passage

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