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Original poetic musings & captures from the magick of the human experience. 

Community in You & Me

Across time and across the vast oceanic expanse of the galaxy
Here we are gathered at this present moment to be in communal poetry 

We thank the ones who came before us and we give gratitude to those who will come

For as we revive the spirit of ritual, of ceremony, of coming together intentionally

We open up new space for healing, 

We give each other permission for unadulterated joy and shoulder weeping, 

We give each other the outline of a structure that breathes like we do, 

Leaning in and leaning back, watching us dance and dancing with us, 

All eyes on us and all our own eyes turned back on ourselves when we are reminded

That when we open our eyes to see the way that others breathe

We are reminded to take our own deep sip of the air between the you and me 

And to recognise the eyes behind the eyes

The one who too is celebrating, loving, grieving and leaping into creativity and family, 

The one who too is day dreaming of a quiet home in the forest, a place to be themselves, a place to belong and satiate that sweet beautiful longing, 

The one who too is beginning the remembering that home lives beneath our feet 

And in the wind that catches your hair and the sun that darkens our skin

Home is in the center of you 

Where creation lives and beats out its drum in a rhythm that feeds your life-incarnate soul, 

Here we are gathered in the present moment

To contemplate, to integrate, to commiserate and to take this time to celebrate

All our many blessings and those to come 

And touching our hands to our hearts with a smile we know is shared, 

We give thanks we give thanks we give thanks   

- Farrah Theresa, August 2022, written for Enliven Festival Opening Ceremony

To All of You & All of Us

Here in the heart beat of me

In the ache of missing out on belonging 

Is the deep grip of bliss that is being the longing

Knowing that that which my soul stirs for

Is uniquely mine

An echo of the puzzle piece of me that is put together

By multiple continents, ocean crossing, plane flying, train riding, 

thousands of miles walked just to see your family that thought that you were long gone

bones broken by silver, cedar, iron ,brick , the pathways that my patrilienal line 

attempted to make that yellow road abundant and thick, 

For my sister, my mother, my father and my blood to walk upon with grace

And yet we keep on repeating each others mistakes 

And learning to rise through the pain to see another sun, another horizon, another

way of breathing in, 

We move, 

We are made of wind, of falling stars that know somehow exactly where they are

but know not what our grandchildrens grandchildren will reap from the seeds that we sow

and i feel in my chest and in my lips the ancient heartbeat of those that came before

that tried their very best until they could no more 

and left us to keep on dreaming and weaving and repatterning with the stories in 

our blood we have been receiving, 

Here in the heart beat of me

In the ache of missing out on belonging 

Is the deep grip of bliss that is being the longing, 

For I know that in the eyes behind my eyes my long line of mothers and fathers and

sisters and brothers are calling out with joy

to know that in at least one way that i cannot name, i am living out a prayer

they uttered at the edge of their beds, at the grassy places where they layed their heads to rest

I know that their smile threads through mine as I find a new way that dismantles the old

and behold behold behold

I am the vessel and I am the liquid gold that pours into the every day 

Stepping into my loving, and being and aching and life-making with the inexplicable 

alchemy of joy laden sorrow, the abundant and the hollow, the rows and rows and rows

of seeds to sow and dreams to harvest, surrender sister, this is it, this moment , this skin, 

this breath, you are here and you are surrendering to your longing by being in devotion to your kin, 

by being in devotion to the parts of you that are here now with no more hiding left to give in to, 

you are the truth, by standing here, sitting here, breathing here, you are a gift of what was once never 

a consideration of truth by someone that never even knew just how much their long lost memory could love you. 

Farrah Theresa - 2023, An ode to the ones who came before and the ones that will come


Eclipse Love

The Sun + The Moon fell in love 

At the dawn of time 

Knowing that they would carry the light for the leaves

And the darkness for sleep 

They celebrated their unique union to feed the planet earth with their dream, 

And so one fateful day they embraced and set to work and ascended to the sky, 

Only to realise that they would stand back to back , 

Unable to communicate 

Until the gods saw their pain and declared they’d find a way for them to meet, 

And so the moon surprised the sun one day 

At noontime warmth 

And the celestial bodies blushed crimson 

At seeing each other’s faces again, 

At standing orb to orb , soul to soul , they whispered the secrets of the dawn and dusk

Sweet melodies of bold and infinite love, 

Until the gods parted their curtains

And the sun and the moon dreamt their days away wondering when they would meet again,  

What sweet star-crossed love , 

To want for a permanent total-eclipse

But alas, for if their hearts did not follow that divinely gifted rhythm,
None of the love they would make would grow and no dreams would decorate the night, 
And so they rose together, back to back, heart to heart, knowing that their moon-sun light would shine in tandem, near, far and apart. 

- Farrah Theresa, June 2022 in the midst of Conscious Uncoupling

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Beyond the Cave 

Here we are in the depths, in the hole where shadows grow
Plato's cave where the unknown is barely an echo 
And so the flicker of a flame begins to grow when the trees 
Cast their shade on you and you recognise their shape for the life behind the reflection of light
And your eyes turn towards the sun 
For the first time it burns a hole straight through the center of your chest
Phoenix rising into flames to allow the empire you've built inside your heart to crumble 
To become fertile ashes for another sacred fire 
Where the smoke that circles around your beauty will bring you back back back into the true
Reflection of you 
And your emobidment will tumble first before it stretches into grace
Tripping over heart ache, ancestral trauma, emotiona, physical, mental, spiritual maladies 
That you have chained yourself with over and over 
Until you yourself turn your face towards the sun outside the cave and step into the wild unknown 
Where truth lives and survives, in fact it thrives because it has no name, it has no purpose 
Except to exist and for you to feel its infinite bliss as it takes a shape that only you can feel 
In your unique way of communing with the spaces in between the places that you call home inside your soul 
And as you find your feet again your grace grows wings on the wind of courage that is who you are 
Who you are in relation to all that there is, the beating rhtyhm of the ocean and the ricochet of tears
and laughter, who you are in the breathing space of  non linear time, realising you are riding this dream 
with a team of weavers whose webs are your own whose silk is sown by their awakening and dreaming and being 
Weave weave weave my sweet ones weave your way out from your inner trappings into the infinite becoming
Your grief, your grace, your beauty, your awe ,your courage - all of you, all of you , all of you, burn. 
Burn to let your ashes feed you - nothing is more fertile than thet courage of a new seed bursting forth from its shell. 
I love you.


Farrah Theresa, November 2022 , Emergence  


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