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Listen to the poetry of your soul 


About Me

Poet - Song Channel - Sound Alchemist - Eco Therapeutic Coach - Reiki Practitioner

I am Farrah (joy) Theresa (to-gather) = Joy Gatherer ! 


You are here because you want to  embrace the fullness of being gifted this radical opportunity to BE ALIVE and to BE RYTHMIC (seasonal/cyclical).


Behind our masks, our ‘truest bold self’ is singing a familiar song that we can hear if we learn to unveil ourselves . 

We each have a birthright to feel the guidance intuitive, lush, bright and euphoric freedom. Our light needs our shadow.

We must learn to ride the song-line of our lives so that we can thrive in resonance with all-things. 


I look forward to going on this journey with you, let us drum, sing, write and sense your way back to you.

It is time for the world to meet you and for you to meet the world.


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